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Well it’s about time another sponsored contest rolled around. This time it’s with BloodSweatVector which many of you are familiar with.

A brief little history of BSV is as follows: BloodSweatVector (BSV) was founded in October of 2008 by Jared Nickerson and Brad Mahaffey. BSV brings together some of the highest regarded vector artists in the world, posting their news, updates, releases, and recommendations to all of you readers. Authors (the artists) posting on this site have been specifically invited to be a part of BSV due to the respect they garner in the vector community. Each entry is from the artists themselves, providing the news directly to you via BSV.

Now to the details.

The theme will be “RE-ANIMATION”. Possible ideas include: revival of vintage cartoons, zombies, 1950s B-Movies etc.

Prize include 1500 Euros, a feature and interview on BSV along with an official invite to become a member.

Contest runs from Monday March 23rd-April 6th

Good luck guys!!

Submit at laFraise ---->
BSV ---->
j3concepts Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2009
anyone, anywhere.
CTRLgs Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2009
Good stuff. Been following BSV for a few months now.
pitsche Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2009  Student Photographer
la fraise is a great thing
they have great t-shirts I registred me some weeks ago
great place to support some designer
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