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Spiders, IceCream & Morphine is no available for purchase on LaFraise.
Info and announcement here…
Also, here is an interview for Vice Magazine UK that I did through LaFraise. I was interviewed because of the Spiders, Icecream & Morphine design.
I really haven't got the balls to take credit for the interview below - Maïa made it with Jared K. Nickerson (better known as "J3Concepts" here on laFraise) and it has to be the most interesting interview I've read in a while. Laughing out loud in front of a computer is usually a sign of slowly going insane or actually coming across something really funny. The stuff this guy's brain "poops out" is simply amazing - I'm lacking any other words to describe it. When I was taking some samples from his website for this interview and resizing & cropping them to fit our blog's format I couldn't help feeling bad about it. It felt like I was savagely raping all the details and the gentle touch in them.

So, be sure to check them out as they're intended - the amount of detail is just astonishing. Kick me in the nuts if I'm wrong but my prediction is that this guy is the next laFraise designer superstar and that we have printed not one but many of his designs before the year 2008 is done with. You can count me as a fan of his work, that's for sure. I'd love to drink a few pints with Jared and pick his brain a little while doing that. I'm running out of words that do any justice to him so I'll let you get started with the interview and the samples now. Much love.
Q. Hi Jared, are you single? And if not, why?

A. Actually I have a beautiful wife from Southern California. Just got married June 1st. Funny enough, I met her through my design work and a roadtrip, long story short, we got married 2 years later.

Q. Who are you, very precisely?

A. Well... I'm a 25 year old, graphic illustrator that currently looks like a young Martin Scorsese on coke, but if you wan't me to be more precise... I currently live in Vancouver, British Columbia and as of last week became a full-time freelance artist. Nah, I've been doing freelance for a few years now, only as of last week I worked a full-time job as a Sales Manager for an online broadcasting company. So all over the place currently... Ok let me start over, I design shit with a mouse and sell it for money.

I was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia for the first 12 years of my life, then moved to Toronto, Ontario and now residing in Vancouver for the last 3 years. I'm allergic to shellfish... like lobsters and oysters, don't know if it's a deadly allergy, haven't tested it fully yet.

Q. How did you discover laFraise and why did you stay?

A. Actually, oddly enough. I originally found LaFraise about 6 months ago when my wife notified me that some "artist" had ripped my artwork and posted it up on the site for voting. So I emailed them and mentioned the issue, and they were very applogetic and accomodating about it. So that really impressed me. So when their site poped back up in my mind a whilelater, I decided to try posting my artwork there myself.And the rest is history. They have been fully supportive of myself and my art I'd say that's a good reason to stick around, plus throwing me money sometimes doesn't hurt either.

Q. What's the secret of your talent: sweat, beer or hard work?

A. I wish I could be "the drugged out, socially retarded, outcast, artist" who only gets his inspiration while high on gasoline fumes and hooker farts, but I'm not that guy. My inspiration comes from music and everyday life. I guess it doesn't get more simple than that. Nothing too exciting, like I travelled to Taiwan one summer and found my inner soul through meditation and now I feel the need to share it with my peers through interpretive dance and the odd illustration. Just simple ol'; "I sit down in front of a computer, turn on some music, and start drawing." Just whatever my brain poops out, that's what you see.

Q. What will you do with the 1.000 Euro cash-prize? Party?

A. You're giving me money? Right on.

Q. What's your child's dream (I mean, except being printed on laFraise)?

A. To one day go digging in the backyard, and find moles with actual drilling equipment.

Q. Don't you think humanity should put in jail all the designers who draw on paper, because of the deforestation?

A. Yeah, they should be wasting electricity instead, like all the digital designers. I for one use paper way less now. I haven't drawn anything with a pencil in a few years now. I suppose that's bad. I tried using a tablet the other day... didn't work out so well. It's like the love child between a pencil and a mouse, but it's somewhere in the awkward middle where it's not hot or ugly just kinda so-so, and you wouldn't mind getting drunk one night and sleeping with it, but you'd sneak out the next morning before it woke up... and you wouldn't call it back.

Should I say something in closing? Like, "don't do drugs." or "stay in school" or "poop." "Poop" is such a universal word, makes everyone laugh, I laughed just typing it.

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wilsoninc Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2008  Professional Interface Designer
haha funny! XD
the-ruthless Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2008
Great stuff! Good times, man. :) Keep up the good work!
artLtx Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2008   Digital Artist
HEhehe, cool journal post :)
aphaits Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
poop... *snicker*
sulexes Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2008
haha, amazing!
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