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Submitted on
June 25, 2008



New laFraise Contest: TYPO

Wed Jun 25, 2008, 10:25 AM
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It's about time for a new European laFraise contest.

This time we thought Typography would be a good place to start seeing as we've had some great typo pieces in the past. It's definetly an artform that's been developing quite extensively within our art community here at laFraise and the art community as a whole.

Now there is no specific theme, we just want to see your custom typo. We want to discourage using pre-made fonts, we'd love to see a custom typeface created by you the designer.

Now I'm sure you want me to get to the good stuff, the contest starts July 7th-21st and will be available on the EU portion of laFraise but of course open to anyone.

Whats up for grabs?? Well each winner gets 1500 Euros and we'll pick a total of 3. Now depending on the amount of submissions and the quality maybe we'll pick a few more like we did with the Popdeck contest, thats entirely up to you guys ;)

So to recap:

-Typography contest. no theme

-Open to anyone

-1500 Euro prize with 3 winners

-Submissions are accepted between July 7th-21st

-Available on laFraise EU

We look forward to seeing your submissions.

I'm excited about this one, have fun guys!


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Dawn42 Jun 26, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
weeey ... sounds like fun , i think i'll enter
hey,can we submit more than one design or just one?
as many as you like :)
i just checked your la fraise blog, i didnt know there was that much activity goin on there, i registerd up, sounds like fun.

some dope as hell works there, whats that bronx jpg off on the typography blog, its one that you used as an example, mosueovers as bronx jpg..that is sick man, who made that? an whats it off?:)
yeah the EU blog is a slow start, but thats why they brought me in, to spice it up a bit. i always post helpful tips and links to random shit etc. so it's fun but useful. wouldnt mind seeing you around more :)
the bronx design is actually one of our laFraise tshirts, lemme check who did it, here is a link [link]
yea il be try around more then:).. thanks for the link mate i need to buy that shirt.
pete-aeiko Jun 26, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
im down, thanks mate!
Can't register cause Australia isn't on the registration list :(

May fake it and go through anyway though :paranoid:
yeah just use any country, they are currently fixing that issue. but it doesnt matter which country you use :)
Awesome, cheers for the heads up :)
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