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Time for another great contest here on laFrause EU. This time it’s with the wonderful CrazyLabel Need an introduction? here goes:

About Crazy Label and Andy Woo
Founder and executive producer of Hong Kong independent creative living brand Crazy Label. He is convinced that toys should not be confined to the realm of children, but can also be works that encapsulate art, lifestyle and creativity. The resulting products should be fun to play with, functional, and visually pleasing. Crazy Label is intended to be a platform where designers can express their craziest ideas.


Now down to the details.

-contest runs May 18th-June 1st

-all submissions go to the CrazyLabel category on laFrause EU

-1 winner will be selected for a prize point of 2000 Euros and a prize pack from Crazylabel. (more winners may be selected depending on number of submissions)

-the theme is an ironic one, “Nature Loves Humans”

I want to see some great designs, as only we’ve come to expect from you.

Good luck!!

All submissions go to
Tokyo-Explosion Featured By Owner May 27, 2009
Such a good contest! Here's my entry.

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May 18, 2009


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