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Well it’s contest time again and this time we have something a little different for you.

This will be our first “Artist Sponsored” contest and who better to have it with than the infamous 123klan

123klan is made up of founders Scien & Klor. “Hitting streets with style and talent since 1989 for Scien and 1992 for Mrs Klor.”
Also known as “vector chefs”, Scien and Klor have cooked some outstanding meals for clients such as: Nike, Ecko, Zoo-York, Adidas, Carharrt, Sony PSP, Wired magazine, Stussy, Majestic Athletics and Johnny Cupcakes to name a few. Today, the French couple and proud parents now based in Montreal Canada, are still touring the world and hitting what or who ever’s fronting them, always with style and arrogance like Bonnie & Klyde.


Now of course we’ll have 1 winner who will get 1500 Euros and a prize pack of 123klan goodies from 123klan themselves. Their design will also be printed on a limited run of 500 tees available exclusively through laFraise.

(The winning design will be hand picked by 123klan themselves.)

The theme, well it’s “MASCOTS“. Confused? Try these for examples…

So the breakdown:

-contest begins Monday Feb 23rd and ends Monday March 9th

-theme is “Mascots“

-1 winner at 1500 Euros and 123klan swag

-all submissions go to the “123klan” category on laFraise

-submissions are to only be submitted to the “123klan” category, and no other laFraise category

Good luck guys!!

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This Monday it’ll be time for a new contest, and this time it’s Round 2 with Popdeck.

You might remember we had a contest with them back in May 2008.

The contest begins Monday, Feb 9th-23rd

There will be 1 winner chosen, they’ll receive one skateboard with their winning design, one tshirt with their design and 1500 Euros. Now, along with that loot, the winning skateboard design will be sold on Popdeck in a limited run and will be sold as a tshirt on laFraise in a limited run.

(All winners will be chosen 1-2 weeks after the final day of the contest.)

What you need to do is:

1. signup on laFraise

2. Submit your design between Feb 9th - 23rd to the “POPDECK” category on the European (English) site. (Remember preview image has to be 600×600 pixels. Only entries in the “Popdeck” category will be considered for the contest.)
3. Win!

Also remember you do not need to include a sample of your design on a skateboard, but it would help :)

-Runs from Feb 9th-23rd
-Open to anyone in any country.
-No theme
-All submissions go in the “Popdeck” category on the European (English) site
-Submission has to be 600×600 pixels

Good luck guys!

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Well it’s time for another fresh new contest, this time it’s with the
wonderful culture/art/news website “Thunder Chunky“
Here is some more info. on Thunder Chunky before I continue:

Thunder Chunky has been around since 2003 and is a bit of a hybrid-mix of
interviews, articles and collaborative projects. Based in Liverpool UK,
but globally-focussed, our simple aim is to keep all you people out there
amused and interested for as long as we can before you find something
genuinely important to do with your day.

Over the years we’ve been lucky enough to speak to some of our heroes in
the design & illustration field such as TADO, Jeremyville, Jon Burgerman,
James Jean, Kyle Cooper, TBFH… and many more besides that! And being
able to bring some of those artists in to some of the projects we run,
such as the set of prints we did recently, is particularly great.

We try our best to give all those up-and-coming artists out there a
platform to showcase and strut their stuff and it’s always exciting when
something totally fresh and new lands on our doormat or in our inbox.

You really can never have enough illustration!

So now that you know who TC is, let me break down the contest for you:
-Submissions start Monday Jan 26th on the EU site
-The theme is “T” and whatever you translate that into
-1 winner will be selected to receive 1500 Euros, a grab bag of prints from
Thunder Chunky and their design will be printed on a limited run of 500
-Runner ups will also be receving a nice little assortment of treats from
Thunder Chunky
-Contest runs from Jan 26th to Feb 9th

Good luck guys!!

Submit to:

Volume 1 on iTunes

Mon Jan 12, 2009, 10:15 PM
Alright you can buy Vol.1 of a wallpack I made for the iphone and ipod touch for 99 cents at… preview available here

Volume 2 will be available soon.

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Well 2008 was a crazy year, thank you to everyone involved; sponsors, designers, customers and the community.

2009 will be even better, we promise.

To kick off 2009 we have a new sponsored contest we know you’ll like. This one is with Ryz , we could say they are the “laFraise” of the sneaker world.

Here is a brief breakdown of Ryz direct from them:

We provide a level playing field where anyone has an opportunity to shine. Anyone can submit their own sneaker designs, share their creativity, and showcase their personal style. And anyone can be a rock star.

Our shoe designs are created by artists, DJs, poets, students, dreamers, doers and other not-so-ordinary individuals like you. But that doesn’t stop them from achieving design immortality.

Unlike the fashionista elite who dictate the latest style, RYZ gives the power to the people.

We’ll post the design entries online and let our community decide what’s hot and what’s not. The design that receives the most votes wins. Winning shoes are produced and sold to adoring fans from around the world. And along with bragging rights, the designer also gets a share of the profits. (Keep the day job for now.)

Yes, this is a popularity contest. And like all democracies, participation is important - so tell everybody you know to vote early and often.


The Details:

The contest starts Jan 5th and will run for 2 weeks. One (1) winner will be selected to win 1500 Euros, their design on a limited run of 500 tshirts and their design interpreted into a shoe design exclusively through Ryz.

Now we require you to submit your design to the special Ryz category on laFraise, but we also suggest you submit your shoe design to RyzWear , that way it permits you to easily advertise between the 2 platforms.

There is no required theme and no design stipulations.

Sounds fun huh?

So the breakdown:

-contest runs from Jan 5th-19th on laFraise EU

-1 winner will be selected (maybe more ;) to win 1500 Euros

-winning design will printed on 500 limited edition tees and on an exclusive line of sneakers through RyzWear

-no theme.

-open to anyone, anywhere.

Can’t wait to see what you chums come up with, good luck!!

You're The Danger Von Z. Version

Wed Nov 19, 2008, 3:31 AM
I did a variation of You're the Danger for the latest DBH contest with Von Zipper.
You can view and vote for it here…
Thanks guys for the support ;)

  • Mood: Content is a podium for the worlds leading vector artists to share their news, releases, work, and recommendations.

Brad Mahaffey, founder, said: "With BSV we are finally giving people interested in vector art a common stomping ground. Many sites feature vector artists, but none with such direct focus that BSV will give. BSV is all about the artists, and the great vector work they create. Artists are allowed to post directly to the front-page of the site, anytime they wish. Giving the public the most up to date, central source of news and information from the artists. BSV will also provide video interviews, tutorials, and 'round-up' style mega posts."

Captivating and stimulating artists everywhere. BSV features the relevance of the vector illustrator profession and showcases its technicalities. Artwork and product design by legendary vector artists such as 123klan, HelloFreaks, LosFokos, Magnus Blomster, Sheena Aw, Cuypi, Niark1, Dacosta, Charuca and J3Concepts proves to be a constant source of inspiration and awe on the site.

Aspiring vector artists and designers will find joy in a revolution of exposure that BSV will bring to the field. Not only featuring the worlds best artists, but exclusive interviews, tutorials, contests, exhibition sponsorships, and more, BSV will be a driving force at the heart of the vector world.

From a pixel-perfected website, to an intelligent artwork rating system, and a network of leading artists. Blood Sweat Vector shows the promise to be a thriving community filled with amazing artists, hobbyists, and aspiring professionals alike.
We wanted to say “thank you” to the community, and we figured every Christmas we give out a certain amount of BR (credits) but what could we do more specific to the designers?
That’s where the “15k Contest” comes in.
Here is the breakdown:

-Contest is open to all countries on all laFraise sites.
-Submissions start November 10th - December 1st (then allow 1 week for final voting)
-No other contests will be run during this time.
-We will pick the 9 top designs which will then be put into their own gallery as finalists from December 8th-14th
-3 winners will then be chosen each getting 5,000 Euros (yes thats EUROS!) and their designs will be printed in a limited run.

Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! Good luck!

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Pseudo's Daughter Now Available

Sun Oct 19, 2008, 9:21 PM
For today only, Pseudo's Daughter is now available for purchase on Teefury
Only $9
Pseudos Daughter.Mountainhead by j3concepts

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Beware The Swarm Now For Sale

Fri Oct 3, 2008, 1:14 AM
My design Beware! the Swarm is now up for sale on DBH… $19!!

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Country Club Nouveau Sneaks by j3concepts
Country Club Nouveau is now available for purchase in sneaker form over at Ryz Wear
Also the tee version can be purchased at…

Spiders, Icrecream & Morphine is now also up for voting on the Popdeck/UO contest, you can check it out here

Doing Good V2 by j3concepts
Just threw my design "Doing Good, Thanks!" up on The Popdeck/Urban Outfitters tee design contest, would appreciate a vote if you have some spare time, thanks guys!

You can now purchase J3 skateboards over at
I think all boards are made of high quality Canadian Maple and are very sturdy/good quality boards.

The Eights by j3concepts
Also I just threw my latest design "The Eights" up on A Better Tomorrow, would appreciate a vote if you have the time :) and no I dont read German either,…

Comfy Coma by j3concepts
And the other design in the series "Comfy Coma" is up for voting at DesignByHumans…

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I know a few of you buy tshirts off Redbubble, well I just added 9 new tshirts to my store there.
Feel free to run over there and check them out…
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Comfy Coma and Ryzwear

Thu Aug 28, 2008, 3:13 PM
Comfy Coma by j3concepts
Comfy Coma is now up for voting on DBH…

Apples n Oranges by j3concepts Country Club Nouveau Sneaks by j3concepts
I also have 2 sneaker designs up on Ryzwear that are now available for voting, Distortion and Country Club Nouveau you can vote for them… and…
Thanks in advance for the support guys!

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Get Down Strut (Originally an album cover for Line) is up for voting on DBH here…
I was recently interviewed by Behance Magazine, you can check it out here…

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Beware! the Swarm

Sun Aug 3, 2008, 5:48 PM
Beware! the Swarm is now up on A-Better-Tomorrow…
If you have an account feel free to throw me a vote :)

Also "And" is up on Monsieur Poulet for another 11 hours or so for voting, so feel free as well if you have some free time to throw it a vote too. Thanks!…

Beware the Swarm by j3conceptsAnd by j3concepts

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You can grab it here for $9
Only ships to the US right now though :/ Sorry guys.
Thanks and enjoy!
Danger by j3concepts

And... Up on Mr. Poulet

Mon Jul 21, 2008, 5:30 AM
I'm trying out a design contest with my latest design 'And', the contest is called "Mr. Poulet" and you can view/vote for my design here…
Thanks in advance.

The Chills just went up on Threadless a little bit ago, you can give it a vote… if you have some time.

Also it's been well over a month since I've submitted anything to a tee design contest but I just submitted Copy n Paste Crew to DesignByHumans the other day, would appreciate the support, thanks!!
You can vote here…
And thanks for the support overall on DBH and other contest sites, it means alot to me.

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Sun Jul 13, 2008, 2:16 AM
I'm still not 100% on how works but I submitted a design to it anyway.
If you have time I'd appreciate a comment. I'm not sure how they choose the winners to be printed or what, maybe by comments? I haven't noticed a voting system at all.
Anyway you can view my design here... wait, you cant even link directly to the page your design is on, weak. Anyway you can view all of the submitted designs here… and mine is the purple haired girl (I Feel You)about 19 down on the left. Yeah sorry I thought leaving a comment would have been easier then that, oh well :/
Anyway wish me luck, submissions finish voting July 31st.

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You can now use the referral code "j3concepts" when you signup at DesignByHumans for an additional 20% off. The promo expires July 6th at 12am Pacific Time.
DBH here --->
If enough people make a purchase, we will all win a $10 iTunes gift card.

You can view my designed tshirts direct here:…

Hope that helps some people!
Full info:…


It's about time for a new European laFraise contest.

This time we thought Typography would be a good place to start seeing as we've had some great typo pieces in the past. It's definetly an artform that's been developing quite extensively within our art community here at laFraise and the art community as a whole.

Now there is no specific theme, we just want to see your custom typo. We want to discourage using pre-made fonts, we'd love to see a custom typeface created by you the designer.

Now I'm sure you want me to get to the good stuff, the contest starts July 7th-21st and will be available on the EU portion of laFraise but of course OPEN TO ANYONE FROM ANY COUNTRY.

Whats up for grabs?? Well each winner gets 1500 Euros and we'll pick a total of 3. Now depending on the amount of submissions and the quality maybe we'll pick a few more like we did with the Popdeck contest, thats entirely up to you guys ;)

So to recap:

-Typography contest. no theme

-Open to anyone

-1500 Euro prize with 3 winners

-Submissions are accepted between July 7th-21st

-Available on laFraise EU

We look forward to seeing your submissions.

I'm excited about this one, have fun guys!