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August 16, 2009
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Temper Temper Tamper by j3concepts Temper Temper Tamper by j3concepts
Revision of the original "Temper, Temper". Featured in Jthree Wallpack 2009 available for download exclusively at BloodSweatVector ---> [link]
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SilverKadett Sep 26, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I sort of need this on a shirt.
My god ! That's fuckin' awesome !
It's so exciting, and beautiful, to watch an artist experiment & grow, and refine & polish their style to the point of owning it, only to then surprise everyone by taking a hard left in a whole other direction- experimenting & growing & refining ... and evolving as an artist yet again.

One of my favorite things about watching your gallery jared, is that you're work is always evolving & always feels new & fresh. I love watching where you take your designs & how your style flourishes & grows. It seems there is sometimes the misconception that an artist is "changing their style," when, again, it is actually a sign of expansion & growth.

That being said, I love the direction your creativity has been taking you- most especially in pieces like this (my favorite), in ANCI's Creative Oblivion, and in Country Club Rerub. I love the fresh new color palette & the use of interesting shapes of various color values to imply highlighting and, especially, shading (look inside the green vines, or the curling yellow elements depicted in this piece). In many areas, the texture resembles like a colorwash- almost even hand-dyed or batik-like- it makes for a very beautiful contrast, flowing within the conversely solid, distinct, clean outlines enclosing it.

I especially love this piece so much (which is why i left my comment here). Obviously, (considering it is the focal point) the cardinal is ravishing &, again, the washes of color are awesome. The whole design is just really solid.
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