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Count Pseudo by j3concepts Count Pseudo by j3concepts
.Count Pseudo and his Evil Mutant Pigs.
#BW Version

Want to do a series of toon villians who are all fighting to dominate the world.
No gay-ass superheroes, just villians in this story.
Count Pseudo has thousands of arms. Each arm does a certain thing, but more important, certain arms can be used at certain times of the day. The white hands/arms can be used in daylight, but since The Count cannot be exposed to daylight himself these arms have incredible reach. Now the dark/black arms are an actual permanent part of The Count, these arms are stronger and have more abilities but like the Count , cannot be exposed to daylight.

Besides the arms, he has minions, The Evil Mutant Pig Army ( The E.M.P.A). These minions are unlike most minions, they are very intelligent. They can also be exposed to daylight, so they carry out various grunt work tasks during the day, and guard The Count's domain at night.

Now The Count drains the life from all the elements to grow himself larger. He converts the natural matter into his own body mass and expands in height and girth.
His minions are the cleanup crew so to speak. They replace the consumed elements with replicas or fakes, so to not alert others of his immediate presence.

We'll see if I continue this series, no gurantee.

HellsDark Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2008
Toons need color !
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January 4, 2008
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